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Title: Impact of television advertising on nepalese children
Authors: Thapa, Gopal
Keywords: Television Facilities in Nepal
Media in Nepal
Television Facilities in Kathmandu Valley
Children in Nepal
Issue Date: 27-Mar-2019
Abstract: Majority of the respondents who belong to age group below 15 and 16 to 25 preferred musical advertisement by 62.5% and 56.25% respectively. In the context of age group 26 to 35 and 36 to 45 majority of the respondents preferred glamorous advertisement i.e. 43.75%, and 56.25% respectively. Again age group above 45, majority of the respondents i.e. 47.5% preferred musical advertisement. In case of education-wise preferences to the advertisement indicate that most of the lower educated preferred to musical advertisement. Likewise most of the male as well as female customers preferred musical advertisements. In relation to television watching habits, majority of the respondents (80%) found to have the habit of watching television. The percentage of women respondents seems to be higher than male respondents regarding television viewing habit. Similarly, majority of the customers (81.25%) preferred frequently advertised products. In relation to the consumers’ preference towards media, most of the respondents (78.58%) responded that they preferred to television. Thus, television is the most popular media for advertisement.
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