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Title: Types of Tourism in Nepal and Their Prospect
Authors: Basnet, Subash
Keywords: Tourism
Issue Date: 24-Feb-2019
Abstract: Nepal is a beautiful country rich and diverse in natural and cultural resources which is in its developmental phase and is full of potentiality in tourism sector. Nepal is an economically backward landlocked country where the tourism industry plays the vital role in ups and downs in economic bar of the nation. Tourism in Nepal acts as a treasure hunt which is full of mysteries whilst providing pots full of golds and silvers during the journey hoping one day it will find the greatest treasure of all. The gold and silvers are the employment opportunity for people and medium to earn for their livelihood. The primary purpose of this Bachelor’s thesis is to discuss about the overall tourism industry of Nepal breaking them into the forms or types. The thesis looks into the different available tourism forms in Nepal and the activities that one can perform in those as well as the importance of that tourism form. This thesis also covers the discussion about the prospect of the tourism industry in Nepal and its potentiality to change or grow into something new. The overall thesis reflects the potentiality of tourism growth in Nepal if the resources available here are to be utilized properly and in orderly fashion. If the Nepal Government and the tourism industry are to establish and run the new kind of tourism activity here, then the survey and the pervious researches show that people or the tourists are willing to come and engage on those activities. This thesis includes a survey conducted in the Kathmandu Valley among 30 tourists also where a series of questions were asked with multiple answers. The survey covers the basic questions such as the purpose of their visit, activities that they have done here. The responses from the survey are presented in the form of graphs and charts with description and critical analysis for easy understanding. This survey acts as an author’s personal overview on tourism sector of Nepal and its prospect.
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