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Authors: Prasai, Alak Babu
Keywords: Tourism
Nepalese economy
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2019
Abstract: Tourism is one of the major sectors of Nepalese economy. It also plays a vital role in the process of regional development of economically backward regions of the country. Nepal is rich in its natural beauty, cultural heritages and historical monuments which are great attractions for the visitors from all over the world. This importance has been conceived by all the concerned people and researchers. However, the issue on revenue generation is not focused in the studies. Therefore this study has concentrated on finding challenges and hidden resources for overall income generation. It is known that tourism is the backbone of the Nepalese economy which assists to increase employment, income generation and improve the balance of payment. If we pay more attention to make proper infrastructure, tourism will enhance scope of various industries like hotels, motels, restaurants, lodges and other types of accommodation, food services, transportation and communication services, entertainment and leisure activities, gift shops and agriculture activities. Many rural people may also be benefited by tourism which provides income and employment opportunities to improve their quality of life. A board survey and research is needed to find out the potentialities, probabilities and prospects of revenue in tourism. In this regard, it was realized that an empirical study is needed to find out the causes and consequences of the drawbacks of the present condition on foreign exchange earning in tourism so that such findings would provide certain guidelines in the future.
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