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Title: Some foxed point results in dislocated and dislocated quasi metric spaces
Authors: Panthi, Dinesh
Keywords: Metric space
Fixed point theorem
Quasi metric space
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2018
Abstract: The notion of dislocated metric space was rst time introduced by S. G. Matthews in 1986 under the name of metric domains. Dislocated metric space is one of the important extensions of metric space. In 2006, F. M. Zeyada, G. H. Hassan and M. A. Ahmed introduced dislocated quasi metric space which is another important extension of metric space.This thesis investigates some new xed point theorems in dislocated and dislocated quasi- metric spaces which ex- tend and unify some well-known similar results in the literature. A survey work on some xed point theorems of asymptotic contractions in metric space has also been presented.
Description: Thesis submitted to Kathmandu University for the award of Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, Department of Natural Sciences (Mathematics), School of Science, Kathmandu University, Nepal, 2013.
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