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Authors: Acharya, Rabin Kumar
Keywords: organizational commitment,bankers,bank
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2019
Abstract: The organizational commitment has been a subject of interest among managers and academician for long period of time so as to enhance the organizational performance. Organizational commitment is rational bond between the organization and employee for mutual benefits. It entails three factors mainly a strong belief in and acceptance of the organization’s goals and values; a willingness to exert considerable effort on behalf of the organization; and a strong desire to maintain membership in the organization. The study examined the state of organizational commitment and its association with situational variables namely personal, job, and organizational characteristics. Stratified random sampling was applied and a structured questionnaire survey among 467 bankers was monitored among both private and public sector banks of Nepal. The organizational commitment questionnaire by Allen and Meyer (2007) along with additional questionnaires capable of measuring three categories affective, continuance and normative, and level of situational variables was applied to study response of research facilitators. Both descriptive and inferential statistics tools were used as per requirement to study the responses and findings were derived.
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