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Authors: JHA, NISHA
Keywords: Pharmacovigilance in Nepal
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2019
Abstract: Pharmacovigilance in Nepal is still at infancy and needs much more to be done. Consumers pharmacovigilance is a noble perspective and has not been in practice of Nepal's pharmacovigilance systems. Hence, a descriptive and cross sectional study was carried out for assessing the current status of pharmacovigilance and consumers pharmacovigilance. This study was done among the healthcare professionals, community pharmacists and consumers. All of these group of people are considered as an important stakeholders for establishment of consumers pharmacovigilance in Nepal. There was an intervention designed for healthcare professionals and community pharmacists serving in the communities. Interventions included information and discussion sessions with the healthcare professionals. Informative posters and presentations were shared with the health care professionals and community pharmacists. Results showed significant improvement in the knowledge, attitude and practice of the respondents for both of these groups but retention was only assessed for community pharmacists group. The overall scores for knowledge and perceptions have increased for both the groups. Consumers were surveyed for designing an ADR reporting form and their perceptions for the consumers pharmacovigilance. There was a strong recommendation for establishment in each healthcare facilities of Nepal. This study has also proposed recommendations by which there can be an establishment of such type of centres first in the regional pharmacovigilance centres and then can be expanded to the other hospitals in the Kathmandu valley. Drug regulatory authorities, policy makers and government should be more active for a strong 15 Initiating Consumers Pharmacovigilance in Lalitpur District collaboration to establish, strengthen and complement the spontaneous reporting of ADRs by healthcare professionals.
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